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[22 Mar 2006|08:33am]
what up

[06 Oct 2005|06:58pm]
wow so i have not updated on this thing since for ever. well alot of stuff has happend. Been and haning out with Andrea and Tara alot i <3 Them. Well i havent been really hanging out with kate i have not seen her in a while i miss her and i love her oh so much. Me and her will be haning out soon most def. Well Regina is going okay i guess i got alot of home work and test all the time. I met some pretty sweet people...Ashlyn and Alex and some other people there so funny. I had homecoming i went with mitch. That was so much fun. Had powderpuff we lost :( um what eles...Oh yeah im going to the ED homecoming with Andrea and Angela that should be fun. Im moving some time towards the end of october... Ill miss everyone but ill be over here alot. Hmmm well thats pretty much it as of now.


[14 Aug 2005|11:25am]
The Love Of My Life <33Collapse )

[03 Aug 2005|11:44pm]
Tuseday- Woke up went to math. Came home then later on in the day Tara and Matt came over. Got ready for skaten. Andrea picked us up went skaten. It was pretty gay. After Me Tara and Andrea went to taco bell and Matt went to arbys because arbys had no meet so we went to taco bell. Then all of us roade in the back of boobies truck. And i was trying to eat my taco and the letise was flying in my face! Droped of Matt and Tara. Me and Maryloo came home and we just chilled and talked on line. Then at like 12ish? we went to bed.

Wensday- Woke up at like 8 then went in my mommies room to sleep because maryloo took up the bed! lol jk well kinda! but then i woke up at like 12? And we ate and chilled. Then we went to the mall and we got Taras gift and i got a few shirts and stuff. We seen crooked dick =-0 he was looking fine :) :). Then we left there and went back to my house. David was spose to come over but he hoed us. So then i called lil mexican nick and we went over his house. Lmao he is so funny i love that kid! So we stood there for like a hour or 2? Then his mom took us back to my house she is so sweet i love her she was like nick shut up i dont want to here you lol So she droped us off and i pushed him and brian in the swing lol Then we went on the trampoline and maryloo was doing her cheer/gymnastics moves and showed them up =-0 mmhmm. Then we went inside went on line and stuff. Went back out side and Me and Andrea were on the hamic and we fliped :( it was funny. Then we were all on the trampoline and andrea pushed nick off and he did a flip lmfao omg it was the funnies thing i have ever seen! Then brian put andrea in a head lock she bit him lmao then she went in side and they like tryed to rape me! but i faougt them off and brian was TRYING to put me in a sleeper hold i pinched him :) Then they left at like 12. Now were sitting here talking on line.

Funnnn day.

I <3 them

[02 Aug 2005|12:11am]
Woke up and chilled. Later on in the day Tara came over. Chilled made soup. Then at 3:30 She left. Later on Kate came over then we went to get my nose done but i didnt get it done because all they had was hoop and i didnt want that :( so we are going soon agian. So me and kate walked to kaseys or w/e to get ice cream and on the way there we seen mike brad dan and some girls talked to them. Seen Zack talked to him for like 5 min. Lmao his sisters boyfrined phill is so fucking funny. hes like ummm zacks in the bathroom hes got diarea he will be back in 10min then zack comes out side. Then like 2 min later phill comes out hes like zack when u gunna come plunge this shit its over flowing! lmao and hes like you guys want sandwiches? huh you want some!?! We got home then watched Shes Too Young :) And her mom calls and said her wheel like came off at the end of the street went down there. I ran back and forth in the street did some suicides adn 636 man was i dieing! then Dan came down and we chilled with him for like a hour and had a talk. He said hes moving to South Carolina!noooo but i dout it lol. Then we took my aunt and kate come and i got home and took a shower now its 12:15

[01 Aug 2005|03:06pm]
I am officaly Moving im going to move to warren bye like st. jonhs hospital lol I dont know when yet. Im kinda happy im moveing but im def. going to miss EP and all the people here. I never thougt id say this i always say i hate this city to much drama and shit but im gunna miss it and everyone here. But im still going to be here alot proboly. Ill stay at some ones house or something and plus ill be getting my listens kinda soon so its kinda good.

Thats all for now.


[01 Aug 2005|12:09am]
Friday- Well we were spose to go upnorth but we didnt. So Me and Tara ended up going skaten. I seen tony :) and kell kell was there :) and we were kicking peoples skates lmao i love her so much. I guess skaten was okay. Went to Taras ate and i went to bed at like 1.

Saturday- Woke up left to go upnorth at like 10? or something got there chilled and stuff. We went in to town and we went to the art show thing then we went back to her grandmas. Chilled played rume i must say i suck at that game! Then later on we slept a lil ate then got ready to go to dancing in the streets. Well we only stayed for like a hour cuz it wasnt like it was befor i guess. Went back we chilled and Me Tara and her cuzn Angela went in the RV and played rume me and tara talked went to bed...So um yeah i fell off the effing bed!!!!!! and it was loud cuz the car was like titlted and it was on my side and in the middle of the night i fellew off it omg it was funny!!!! Taras like are you okay? im like yeah shes like plan on coming up anytime soon? lmao

Sunday- Woke up chilled ate some food. Then we left idk what time. Then went to eat. It was fun we played this triva thing there it was me and tara agianst her parents and we won :) lol Then they tooke me home and i just chilled and talked to tara on the phone...

hmmmm dont you <3 my lay out because i sure do!!!
I just figured out how to do these kind now
Yeah i knnow im a retard! but its ok!

I hade so much fun this weekend.
Away from all the drama and
bullshit from eastpointe.

[29 Jul 2005|09:45am]


Woke up went to school for math. Went to the house that we are now getting i belive. im so excited! its soo fucking huge i <3 it! well anyways from there i went home then to Taras. Chilled there and they we were attacting one another and running threw her house with cake on our hands throwning it on one another lmao. Well at like 9ish? We went back to my house. And we went to the DQ and I drove there and Tara got to sit in the front seat yes we felt cool :) lol Well i ran over the curb when i was turning only because i was trying to let the guy turn to! And i guess i ALMOST hit kids from tara? lol Went home and we went over Dan's for like 10 min. Went back home and Logan and Jamie came over. We chilled out side for about a hour or something idk? They left at 12. Me and Tara went inside and watched Thirteen and id excerzies lol. Went to bed at like 2. Now im sitting here at 10 in the morning packing for upnorth today with Tara. Ill be home sunday around 4ish or something.




Hmmm them boys....


[27 Jul 2005|10:24pm]


Woke up. Went to my mommies salon to work didnt last long I was there for bout 45 min. Went home took a shower and stuff and Megs came over :) and we walked to Steven Hurleys. Me Megs Hurley and Schibel walked allllll the way to memorial park to play basketball. but befor that we stoped at brandons and he wasnt home so he left, But we didnt plat baskeball because they didnt want to play agianst the black people lol so we just chilled over at Brads house with Brad Pat Casey Andy and Antonio. wow i have not seen him in a long time! But we left and Me and Megs got slurpees :). Then we walkes alllll the way back to Hurleys house and they played madden. Steven is so mean to his brother but it was so funny!!! Then my mom called and Megs mom was there so she came and picked us up and i went home and just chilled.

::megs on he phone with her mom::
Megs: yeah we left cuz there was ahole bunch of black people :: looks next door 2 black guys sitting outside:: <~ yeah me and her ran back into stevens house then when we left we ran the other way! lmao oh do i love this girl!



Steven's lil brother: Schibel dont you hate when you drink coke and it hurts your throat?
Hurley: dont you hate when you cant lose weight!
^ that was mean.

Schibel: you shit your pants?
Stevens lil brother: nooooo
Hurley: yeah you did
His lil brother: well you would to if you had a g/f!
^ lmfao

:: but he didnt shit his pants dont worrie::


I get to see Tony friday <33 Oh do i miss him alot!!!

I <3 Megs.






[26 Jul 2005|10:38pm]
Woke up at like 10 went up to school for math. Came home at 11. Chilled with Andrea. We watched Thirteen one of my favorite movies. Went on line then we started to get ready for skaten at like 3 or something because we were so bored. Ate some dinner then Tara came over at like 5 30ish 6. Went to Maryloos house and she changed and me and Tara went on line and stuff. Brian took us skaten. It was pretty fun i guess hung out with Jessica Andrea and Charles. Jeff was there and i got my movie back (shes to young another movie i love!) We had to take Charles home and he kept putting the zookeni or how ever you spell it in my face so i was like oh hell no and put it in his! :). Took him home they droped me off now im sitting here i got to call charles ar 11. So im bout to go.

I have no clue any more about boys.
They all confuse me and i dont thing
They get that a girls not always going
To like them for ever and not wait till
There ready to have a relastionship.

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